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Take advantage of our userfriendly DigiCat
With our three-part DigiCat you have perfectly combined the advantages of the clarity of the print catalog with the user-friendliness of the Internet. First save the Digikat on your computer (right mouse button/save target as), open it and enjoy the most convenient form of constantly updated bidding on the Internet.<br> <a href=>Part 1: Austria pre-philatelic - 1918 incl. Austrian areas</a><br> <a href=>Part 2: Austria from 1919 including collections</a><br> <a href=>Part 3: Europe and Overseas</a>

The 51st auction will take place on 25th and 26th November 2022.
In addition to classic rarities such as a registered local printed matter from Bassano or a unique cover of the Austrian field post from Ploeschti, we offer many worthwhile lots and collections in our 51st auction. The offer is particularly strong again with the high in demand mint values of the Monarchy and the 1st Republic. We also offer a lot of interesting lots from Europe and overseas, amongst others a nice stamp section from China.